This is a Kinyarwanda - English dictionary created to help people who are learning either language. What makes it different to other dictionaries is that the software has been designed for a Bantu language. Words are stored with prefixes, stems and modifiers, so it allows you to search for different forms of the same word. You can search for singular forms and plural forms of nouns, and present tense or past tense forms of verbs.


The dictionary content and reference materials are released under a Creative Commons licence which permits you to share, modify, reproduce it in any form, provided that it is not used for commercial purposes, and that you give credit to this project. The site code is released under a GNU General Public License and is available for download from Github.


This project is lead by Rowan Seymour, a software developer living in Kigali. Significant contributions have been made by John Doldo IV and Kamonyo Mugabo. Other people who have contributed are:

    Some of the content has been derived from the following sources:

    Special thanks

    • To the Kamusi project for the provision of internet modems for volunteers contributing to the dictionary.
    • To Barakagira Leonard and Nshimyimana Eugene for the audio recordings.